The « Geste »

The gesture begins in the kitchen and continues in the dining room, a theatre of expression for the intelligence of the hand. From a delicately orchestrated ballet to ensure service at the cutting edge of excellence, to a captivating show for the whole dining room: the gesture is the very essence of Taillevent.

Like a musical score, the flambé technique, cutting and minute seasoning punctuate the meal and enliven the dining room. From one table to the next, the gestures are repeated, always with precision and never exactly the same, because people are at the centre of it all.

There’s nothing trivial about serving a sauce in the dining room. And it’s not just about creating a bond with our guests, it’s also about ensuring that the dish is finished at the right temperature, and that the harmony and generosity of the plate are preserved. It’s also about making the most of the expertise of the wait staff, without whom the experience of a ‘great restaurant’ is never complete“, says Giuliano Sperandio.

Lobster flambéed with peated whisky is followed by superb poultry contised with truffles, carved on the pedestal table, and finished with a crêpe Suzette flambé at the minute.

The art of preparing and garnishing gourmet dishes, served in the finest silverware and porcelain: this is the legendary service where the gesture creates a “Tailleventesque” experience, a high-flying sharing and conviviality, to be found in all its beauty in the Menu Geste.

No one can deny that the gesture is the very incarnation of Taillevent, intrinsically linked to its history and, more than anything else, to the taste of the day.