Le Taillevent, ten letters crowned with two stars in the Michelin guide, a distinction that reflects all the prestige that lives within its walls. This institution is constantly reinventing itself, while retaining the triptych that has made its reputation: a sensitive and generous cuisine, a French-style service that reveals the excellence of its know-how, and a unique cellar that combines great names and confidential vintages.

Respecting this precious heritage, Chef Giuliano Sperandio has created an osmosis with this legendary House. His cuisine, in the service of the past, is resolutely forward-looking, with that touch of inventiveness and unpredictability that define him.

Since 2021, Giuliano Sperandio has continued to writing the history of Le Taillevent. “The challenge for me was to understand how Le Taillevent has evolved from its origins, to be guided by the power of its history to accompany it into this new era and perpetuate its magic.

He finds his vision in everyday life. “If technique is a prerequisite, my cooking is the expression of the moment, of people and products. It’s meant to be clear, free, with a hint of the unexpected, and the human being is at the centre and the human element is at the heart of it”. 

A totally spontaneous way of working that allows him to offer a cuisine of the moment, always guided by the heart. He is determined to continue in the great gastronomic tradition, working with the most refined dishes (scallops, venison, lobster sweetbreads, etc.), the very essence of the House, while sublimating them through the free and contemporary expression of his creativity. Almost made-to-measure, his dishes are an invitation to emotion, to a gustatory voyage for those who are willing to be taken along for the ride. 

The process begins in the kitchen and continues in the dining room through the cutting, flambéing, seasoning and candlelit wine decanters… to create this ‘Tailleventesque’ experience. “Whether it’s in the relationship with my teams or with my suppliers, the road to success is built on trust, spontaneity and teamwork”.